Landscaping Services

Green is Good!

Maximizing turf health with environmentally responsible practices. It begins with the methodology, including soil tests, mowing, fertilizing, and more. Your lawn is a biological community of interacting organisms. When this complex network is working properly, you have a healthy lawn.


  • Mowing Regular mowing's as high as practically possible (2 ¾" or taller) is critical. Returning clippings when possible reduces the need for supplemental nitrogen requirements.
  • Fertilizing - Two - four pounds of nitrogen is normally needed to maintain a healthy turf. Lower rates applied more frequently provide more consistent results. New technologies in the fertilizer industry extended the release time of nutrients, making it now possible to apply less frequently.
  • Aerification - Poor drainage and compacted soils are the cause of many turf problems. Core aerifing in the fall or spring before pre-emergent application is most important.
  • Over seeding - Combining turf over seeding using a vertical slice seeder at the same time as aerification in the fall introduces new grass plants to your turf. The thicker and healthier your turf the less opportunities for weeds to germinate.

Landscape Design & Installation

Ashwood Property Care creates functional outdoor living spaces that provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Considering the clients aspirations from the beginning, bearing in mind long term care, budgets, and knowing the potential issues such as deer, water requirements, and soil conditions, we can create comfort and beauty at your home.

Landscape Maintenance

Professional, continually trained and most importantly, licensed and insured. We never cut corners, use inferior products or skip critical procedures.

Walkways & Patios
Landscape Lighting
Fire Pits
Cobblestone Curbing & Aprons
Spring & Fall Cleanups
Water Gardens
Irrigation Repair
Pool Opening, Closing, Cleaning