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Top 3 Ways to Cultivate a Lush Lawn

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Ashwood Property Care has been providing landscaping services to homeowners in New Milford, CT and beyond for years. We've perfected the art of cultivating healthy lawns, and we're glad to share this secret with you.

Keeping your lawn beautiful involves routine...

  1. Mowing: Cut your grass no shorter than 2 ¾" and return nutrient-rich clippings to your lawn.
  2. Fertilizing: You'll need 2-4 pounds of nitrogen to maintain healthy turf.
  3. Aerating: Compacted soil can lead to drainage issues, so be sure to aerate your lawn semiannually or when introducing new turf.

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We can handle your year-round yardwork

In addition to lawn care services, we provide seasonal ground maintenance services. Hire us to help you with spring yard cleanup, snow removal or year-round home improvement projects. We do exceptional ground maintenance work in the New Milford, CT area.

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